Reasons for using chauffeur services

While hiring a chauffeur may seem more of a luxury than a necessity. In reality, there are several reasons why it makes a lot of sense. It is actually very cost-effective, safe and stylish.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should consider using a chauffeur:

  • Cheaper than you think.

    Compared to regular rental cars, a chauffeur-driven Be my Driver car is more affordable. Especially if you have to book a rental car at the last minute, in which case it is usually more stressful and more expensive in addition to the inconvenient walk to the pick-up and drop-off location and waiting at the airport rental booths. However, with a reputable chauffeur driven car hire company, you can book in advance or contact the company on arrival at the airport as we have 24/7 service.

  • Easy navigation.

    When renting a vehicle, you should take the time to find the rental company. If you use one of our Be my Driver chauffeur driven car services, on arrival at the airport, simply find a professionally dressed driver with a clearly visible name sign, from then on your driver will be on hand to help you with your luggage, take you around the city safely and know that you are backed by a company with over 10 years experience in luxury transfers.

  • No time wasted.

    With Be my Driver you don't have to walk around the airport looking for the car rental counters, no waiting in line to sign documents and then looking for your rented vehicle, you book directly by phone and one of our drivers will be waiting for you as soon as you pick up your luggage.

  • No worries about traffic or how to get there.

    Don't worry about leaving the airport and getting to your meeting, congress, appointment or visiting a new city, just let an experienced Be my Driver chauffeur drive and meet you in the language of your choice.

  • Punctuality.

    Whether you are travelling for a business meeting or to the airport or just for a night out, Be my Driver is committed to punctuality.

  • No parking stress.

    Parking in a new city or while on holiday can be a headache, something you will never have to deal with with a chauffeur-driven car, drastically reducing stress and saving time.

  • Impeccable vehicles.

    Be my Driver maintain a fleet of immaculate vehicles, so you can be picked up and dropped off safely and in style.

  • Quality in your image.

    Whether your trip is a business trip or an important client, having an impeccable chauffeur-driven car leaves a positive and lasting impression.

  • Security.

    All of our drivers undergo extensive training and licensing, you can be sure that you will arrive safely and on time, but also receive exceptional service on the road.

Whatever your transport needs, Be my Driver has a large fleet of vehicles that will adapt perfectly to your conditions.

If you are interested in reserving a vehicle for your stay in the city, please contact us. Our selection of cars, vans, minibuses and buses are designed for you.

We remind you here the commitment to safety that we offer on every trip against covid-19.

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