New rules on school routes in the face of covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic paralysed the activity of many companies, but the time has come for the time to go back to work. Returning to work in person and how to get there is the first step to recovery. We suggest ways for your company's daily commute.

Ready for the return to face-to-face work

It is not just a question of opening offices; it is important to consider when to return, under what circumstances, and who should return first. Once the decision has been made, it is necessary to establish what indicators will be used to monitor the situation effectively.

When planning the return to the workplace, many aspects have to be taken into account. In this respect, there are a number of measures that could be taken in most companies. These measures can be classified by categories, such as health and safety, communication, facilities, visitor management, or travel and movement.

We offer a comfortable and simple service for companies that carry out regular relocations for this return to normality. 

Our transfer service for companies and individuals in Madrid is very competitive.

What is it based on?

We remind you here the commitment to safety that we offer on every trip against covid-19.


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