In order for our website to work.

Technical cookies are strictly necessary for our website to work and for you to be able to browse it. This type of cookies are those that, for example, allow us to identify you, give you access to certain restricted parts of the page if necessary, or remember different options or services already selected by you, such as your privacy preferences. For this reason, they are activated by default, and your authorisation is not required.

Through your browser settings, you can block or alert you to the presence of this type of cookies, although such blocking will affect the correct functioning of the different functionalities of our website.


For the continuous improvement of our website.

Analytics cookies allow us to study user browsing on our website in general (for example, which sections of the website are most visited, which services are most used and whether they work correctly, etc.).

Based on statistical information about browsing on our website, we can improve both the operation of the website itself and the different services it offers. Therefore, these cookies do not have an advertising purpose, but only serve to make our website work better, adapting to our users in general. By activating them you will contribute to this continuous improvement.


To improve the functionality and personalisation of our website based on your preferences. 

Functionality cookies allow us to remember your preferences in order to customise certain features and general options of our website each time you access it (for example, the language in which the information is presented to you, the sections marked as favourites, your browser type, etc.).

Therefore, these types of cookies do not have an advertising purpose, but by activating them you will improve the functionality of the website (for example, by adapting to your type of browser) and the personalisation of the website based on your preferences (for example, by presenting the information in the language you have chosen on previous occasions), which will contribute to the ease, usability and comfort of our website during your browsing.


To improve the management of the advertising displayed on our website, in order to make it more useful and diverse, and less repetitive. 

 Advertising cookies allow us to manage the advertising spaces included on our website based on criteria such as the content shown or the frequency at which the advertisements are shown.

For example, if you have been shown the same advertisement several times on our website, and you have not shown a personal interest by clicking on it, it will not appear again. In short, by activating this type of cookie, the advertising displayed on our website will be more useful and diverse, and less repetitive.


To show you advertising tailored to your searches, tastes and personal interests. 

Behavioural advertising cookies allow us to obtain information based on the observation of your browsing habits and behaviour on the website, in order to be able to show you advertising content that is better suited to your personal tastes and interests.

To make it easier for you to understand, we will give you a fictitious example: if your last searches on the web were related to thriller literature, we would show you advertisements about thriller books.

Therefore, by activating this type of cookie, the advertising we show you on our website will not be generic, but will be targeted to your searches, tastes and interests, and will therefore be tailored exclusively to you.