Vehicle safety measures in the face of covid-19. Travelling safely is our job.

Our services are updated in the face of COVID19

Due to the situation we are experiencing, we would like to inform you about the measures we have been putting in place since the COVID19 alert began.

For the convenience of our customers, the 24/7 Customer Care team is continuously connected to continue to provide you with the safest and most efficient private transport possible as well as information on any queries you may have as a result of this situation .

To this end, we are closely monitoring the evolution of standards and new restrictions in terms of mobility and public health, as well as those limitations that could affect your travel experience.

Cleanliness and hygiene and safety measures

All our vehicles undergo exhaustive interior and exterior cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure the safety of our customers and drivers.

Our drivers have measures that must be applied in each transfer such as washing hands before and after each service, having disinfectant on board to offer to passengers and extreme cleanliness of the vehicle in general.

For our clients we have total flexibility in the cancellation of the service and as always the possibility of booking a 24h. chauffeur service to attend all your appointments in the safest way possible, always using the same vehicle and the same contact person, thus guaranteeing safety at all times.

Our customer service team will always be in touch with any last minute changes or new developments to inform both the customer and the driver of any possible updates.

We maintain confidence

BemyDriver would like to make a special mention to our clients for continuing to trust our professionalism in this exceptional alert situation and thank them for their confidence in our services.

Special mention should be made of our professionals who make every effort to maintain security measures on each trip without affecting the customer's journey in terms of cordiality, proximity and professionalism.

At Bemydriver we form a well-complemented team with strong gears so that the final service is of excellent quality. All this can only be achieved with the indispensable work of customer service and traffic. For this reason we would also like to thank this less visible part of Bemydriver for their efforts and dedication to the well-being of our customers and drivers.

We are working to get back on track.

Regulations for use according to current legislation due to COVID19

Following our quality standards, all our customers have the following service guarantees, these parameters will be updated according to their needs and the legislation in force at the time of the service.

We are sure that whatever your transport needs are, you are in good hands. You can consult our fleet.

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