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Madrid Fusión kicks off this week

The world's most important global gastronomy congress returns to the capital, as it does every year. Located in Ifema, we once again find ourselves with the most important gastronomic event, where we can taste, see and feel the gastronomic trends with which the speakers and guests of this new edition surprise us, as in previous years, the event is divided into on-site and online. Welcoming you from the Ifema Auditorium under the slogan "Beyond the product" we enter the culinary universe of Madrid. Throughout the three days of Madri Fusión 2022 we will meet with the presence of great international chefs, Madrid Fusión Food from Spain will review the ancestral, traditional and future cooking techniques, from roasting over an open fire to microwave cooking or the use of ultrasound, the basis of great dishes of the future. A review of the return to the craft of cooking, the transformation of the genre, the meticulous preparation.

On stage at the congress, there will be discussions on creativity and thought, arguments about the evolution of haute cuisine, debates and interviews with leading professionals.

Madrid Fusion Pastry

Madrid Fusión Pastry is born, a congress to vindicate pastry and bakery that will be attended by the most important figures and the most inspiring pastry chefs.

For yet another year, Madrid Fusión is hosting a forum dedicated especially to sweets and bread. The aim of this culinary summit is to encourage the creativity of professionals from both the confectionery and bakery sectors. The planned presentations will complete a programme that aims to vindicate the great Spanish confectionery and bakery, as well as to recognise the importance of pizza as a bread dish.

Madrid Fusión 2022 Speeches

For Madrid Fusión, the most important thing is to show everything that its participants have been researching and testing until they reach excellence and to be able to show it in any of their presentations. With innovative visions on green food, such as Rodrigo de la Calle, who will analyse the why and how of his passion for the vegetable world, analysing his trajectory until he developed his studies of new techniques. He will show us some of his latest research with vegetables and how to create innovative dishes with vegetables and mushrooms as protagonists.
Santiago Lastra, a Mexican chef working in London, will talk in his speech called "Translating flavours" about the work involved in converting the whole universe of the palate from one city to another without losing the essence of the ingredients being so different from one place to another. And like these speeches, there will be many more interesting exhibitions on gastronomy that you cannot miss if you are a professional or simply passionate about cooking.

Madrid Fusión 2022 Tastings

Not forgetting one of the most interesting parts of the event, the tastings, this year you will be able to enjoy Wines of Tenerife: at the forefront of tradition. Six terroirs, six authors and Tinto Pesquera: 50 years of good work, among others, to appreciate once again the taste of authenticity, to distinguish and establish the characteristic and striking flavours and smells of these wines at this fair.

Competitions at Madrid Fusión 2022

This year Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España and Cereal will celebrate among others the IX Edition of the Contest "Bocadillos de Autor" with the aim of finding the best sandwich in Spain. This contest, now in its ninth edition, aims to find the recipe for the best sandwich in Spain and the main requirement to be fulfilled by the contestants is the use of a selection of Cereal breads, made with sourdough, 100% natural ingredients, hand-formed and baked on a stone sole. Not forgetting the XII Bocados con Queso Competition in which the search will be on for the best cheese snack in Spain 2022.

In short, an event and a party for gastronomy professionals who want to know what is cooking among the best chefs in the world and the curious who will undoubtedly come to appreciate an art that is going further and further every day.

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