On 24 February Ukraine, a sovereign country, was invaded by Russia. A humanitarian tragedy began and Be my Diver has not stood still.

From the very beginning, the occupation of Ukraine meant a special involvement of the Be my Driver team. Our drivers, like our customers, come from all over the world and in order to provide a high quality service, they are fluent in almost every language. 

Since 24 February, the concern of one of our drivers became noticeable, he wanted to help in some way in the face of this invasion. 

Together with the head of traffic they discussed their ideas of collaboration with the Be my Driver property, who did not hesitate for a second to charter one of the largest and safest coaches in our fleet for such an event.

In less than a week, the two protagonists of the idea got down to work contacting the Ukrainian Embassy and seeking funding from both individuals and Be my Driver's partners to raise the necessary funds, bring aid and return with as many families as possible to safety. Ukrainian Embassy and seeking funding from both individuals and Be my Driver's partner companies to raise the necessary funds, bring basic necessities and return as many families as possible to safety.

It has been hectic days organising the logistics of the trip, permits to regulate the situation, including the incorporation of an aid worker to ensure the arrival of the refugees.

A journey of 5,700 kilometres requires a good team of drivers. In this case the members of Be my Driver didn't fail either, volunteering to take the proceeds in the form of medicines, clothes, food and basic necessities to the Ukrainian border and bring the bus back with the families in need of shelter.

All this deployment was rewarded when we received a call from the Diaconia Madrid association that wanted to collaborate with another coach in the same way.

On Saturday, the first coach for 64 refugees left for the Ukrainian border with its full load of aid, and today, Sunday, the second one left.

We are amazed and proud of the hard work of the drivers, office staff, collaborators and management who have put their hands to work to organise, buy material, assemble the aid, find and provide funding for this solidarity trip.

We hope that we will soon be able to expand on this information and get back to business as usual.

For more than 10 years, Be my Driver has been making transfers in Spain an unforgettable and high quality experience for all our customers. we also work for charitable causes.

Contact telephone number: 900 902 708

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