Get to know our fleet in detail. Today we present our Mercedes Supervans, the perfect vehicle for travelling with more than 6 people.

Be my Driver Minibuses The Be my Driver minibuses are top of the range for a maximum of 20 passengers so that your journey will be carried out quickly and smoothly. They are perfect to avoid the crowds of public transport without having to pay for your own vehicle, pick up your VIP clients in the best way and guarantee punctuality in their arrival to meetings, events or airport.

Be my Driver Supervans

The comfort of travelling in a luxury vehicle. Premium leather seats with individual seat vilage, automatic climate control to regulate the temperature and airflow of each traveller. USB charging sockets in the seats for every need on long journeys.

Any of our supervans are the ideal model for your transport needs. So elegant they positively catch the eye. Their design follows the modern Mercedes-Benz Design concept of Sensual Clarity and brings the same qualities to your transfers.

You can contact us when you need a special vehicle for your guests, clients or incentive trips. Any of our professional drivers will contact you to take you where you need to go in the most elegant, luxurious and comfortable way for as long as you need. 

You can also contact our customer service available 24/7 by phone to hire a chauffeur who will be at the agreed location with absolute punctuality.

Contact telephone number: 900 902 708

We remind you here of the commitment to safety that we offer on every trip against covid-19.

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