Choosing a closed venue for the celebration, having the wedding during the day or renting a luxury wedding car to drive the bride and groom or to transport the guests to the celebration hall, are the three basic things that every couple should take into account when preparing their wedding in winter.

Although it may seem that a winter wedding has more negatives than positives, the opposite is true. Few couples celebrate their wedding in winter, so the demand to choose a date at the church, at the courthouse or even at the reception hall is very low. You will be able to keep your special day without having to wait for a long waiting list and without being forced to choose another date because the one you wanted is not available. This low demand is also good for your pocket: everything is cheaper, so with the money you save, you can have a luxurious honeymoon.

Another point in favor of a winter wedding is that you will have more attendance; people will not be on vacation and it will be very difficult for them to coincide with another wedding in winter. In addition, they will surely appreciate having a different plan in these months when there are hardly any events or parties in the cities. 

Details for winter weddings

There are many details to take into account when celebrating a wedding in winter. Obviously, there are notable differences with the spring and summer months, where high temperatures are the protagonists, but we can assure you that there is nothing that prevents you from celebrating a wedding in winter. It will be even more special and magical, if possible.

  • As for the wedding dress, in winter a voluminous style is more appropriate: that's why opting for a dress with volume, long sleeves and turn-down collar is the best option. Better than buying it with a very thick fabric, is to accompany it with a cape that covers shoulders and back.
  • For the transfer to the church or to the courthouse, you can rent a luxury car for weddings from the fleet of By My Driver. You will be the protagonists at all times, aboard a luxury and elegant Mercedes. 
  • By celebrating the wedding during the day, you will have better light for the photo shoot and the videos or professional reportage.
  • It is recommended that you celebrate the banquet in an enclosed hall, as in this season it can rain or be cold. Do not worry because the day is gray or the celebration is indoors, you can create a fairy tale wedding thanks to the lighting, decorating with garlands of lights, candles or other decorative accessories. You will be able to give the room a special atmosphere. 
  • Having unique details with the guests will also make a difference. You can put a checkroom at the venue, place heaters at different points and even place blankets on the back of the chair. You can also distribute hot chocolate, Glühwein, mulled wine with orange and spices, or give as a starter a consommé or soup to warm up.

Private chauffeur wedding transfers

Renting a luxury car for your wedding

Undoubtedly, the moment of arriving at the place where the wedding ceremony takes place is one of the most important moments of this special day. Whether with the bride on board and the groom waiting at the altar, or with both arriving hand in hand to formalize the relationship in front of your loved ones, having a reliable means of transportation that makes a difference is essential.

In this situation, we like to highlight the elegance of all our vehicles. In Be My Driver you will have a Mercedes car that has the maximum comfort and the best features of the market. And nothing is as important as that everything goes smoothly on this day, with every detail going perfectly.

At By My Driver we have a large selection of luxury cars for rent. We can take you to the altar, to the courthouse or to the photo shoot with a private chauffeur. We also have buses to take your guests to the reception, and leave the worries of individual transfers aside. If you are interested in moving, either as a bride and groom going to the altar, as a newlywed couple, or as a group to have a great time at the celebration, you can contact us. In addition, you have all the information on our website.

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